It still is on ~~ 080722

Well, for once I’m happy to write a post about my progress. I haven’t been updating much on the blog but I’m making progress. A slow one, but sure one. Since my last post, there have been good days, bad days and some not so nice days as well. But there is one thing that […]


Well, a Sunday it is!! ~~ 260622

Binge-watching has been my biggest weakness since a decade, and I call it my addiction. During all my work years, I somehow always managed to work around it without ever having to find a fix. Now that I’m not working and have lots of free time, I can only say that the problem has increased […]

I don’t know! ~~ 220622

Well, a day where I felt pretty good while waking up, despite the fact that it was already 9 am by then, ended up as an “I don’t know” day! – Felt good in the morning coz I realised that I’m not only living my dream but I’m living a life that many dream of! […]

A mixed bag ~~ 210622

Well, it is also a good day if I count all the thibgs that I’ve done. But yet, there are also many tasks that I wanted to finish but didn’t. So, a mixed bag it is. 1. Woke up early – relatively! 2. Made a wholesome breakfast and ate it on time. 3. Made very […]

Once again ~~ 200622

4 minutes left until the day ends and i have this feeling that it is a good day, not for any spectacular reasons but for some pretty basic things that I’m struggling to get done these days. – Woke up relatively early and did not watch TV on my phone for an hour after that! […]

What did I do! #1

Didn’t sleep at all last night and went to bed at around 6 am in the morning and woke up at around 12 noon. Watched a few TV shows on app for an hour or so. Then made breakfast 😋.. pesarattu (Savoury pancake made of green lentils) and some filter coffee (coz it’s cheaper than […]

#Day 2; 21 Day Challenge

I’ll do a quick update on today and most of the progress is relative compared to yesterday. Watched less tv Slept less during the day and more during the night Ate healthy food Done meal prep for the week ahead Read a bit more And finally, danced to dance videos as my workout. I couldn’t […]

#Day 1; 21 Day Challenge

Friday, 25 June 2021 This is such a weird day to begin with. I did not sleep the whole night yesterday and happened to went to bed at around 6:30 am in the morning and so half the day is spent sleeping. Well, the rest of it is spent watching TV, eating, and then doing […]